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Independent management consultancy for transformation processes

7 Good Reasons


We kick-start change.

Struggling to make things happen even though the world seems to be changing? We clear the obstacles from your path – step by step, side by side with you. Before you know it, you'll be moving forward again.


We know exactly what we’re doing – and we do it at the right pace.

We offer you the best of both worlds by combining the expertise of a blue-chip consulting firm with the advantages of a small, agile and independent advisory.

You’re always our number one client.

You’re more than just a project to us. Because we only support one client at a time, your transformation process is our sole focus from morning to night. This means we can be totally committed to you, and you alone.



Your goals are our goals.

We think, feel and act as though our assignment makes us part of your organization. That means we only advise you to make decisions that we would feel comfortable making ourselves – responsible, prudent, competent decisions founded on conviction.

We turn problems into solutions.

The more complex a situation appears, the closer we look at it. We take a structured approach and dissect the problem – to find sensible, practical solutions.



We ensure that you are successful.

With our help, you will always feel that you are moving in the right direction. We regularly identify achievable short-term targets and support you to reach them – with a steady hand and a deft touch.


You will be satisfied with our service.

We are so certain of this that we give all of our clients the right to unilaterally terminate their contracts at short notice. You can be free of us within two weeks if you want – but you would be the first client ever to do so.