New Series PMIspective Expert Talks

Meet PMI Experts. 30 Minute Live Expert Talks.

With PMIspective, we are launching a new series of Expert Talks this year. We want to deal intensively with Post Merger Integration and enable the exchange between interested, experienced and experts.

We meet virtually for an interactive round of talks. To ensure that we don't run out of things to talk about, we take on a topic of in-depth discussion for each session. Above all, however, the focus is on the exchange between all participants. Even we PMI experts can and want to learn. That's why we exchange ideas openly and without obligation and smile about the one or the other anecdote.

An overview of the planned PMIspective Expert Talks can be found here.

The next PMIspective Expert Talk will be on March 22nd on Successful PMI project-organization.

We are looking forward to it!